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Serving the Washington-Baltimore region since 1975: The District, Northern Virginia, and the Mayland counties surrounding Washington & Baltimore. We perform north-south-east-&-west of the metro areas including all the southern & western DC suburban areas of Northern Virginia and all of southern and central Maryland.

About SuperMusic DeeJays

Our seasoned professional DeeJays are equipped and prepared to expertly perform at parties, dances, and virtually any type of special occasion. We've performed at thousands of wedding receptions, office parties, community events, anniversary parties, birthdays, and social gatherings. We can perform a great job for your special event, too!

SuperMusic is a managed DeeJay service organization with a staff of talented and knowledgeable performers who have the experience and training to play music mixes that satisfy audiences. Our service is proprietary, in that our services are not subcontractor based, so there is a quality control basis to our performances. The entire staff performs based upon SuperMusic's exactiing protocols which exceed industry standards.

Your SuperMusic DeeJay will craft a music program custom to your event and guests. This capability starts with our proprietary, dancing-friendly, repertoire that is comprehensive for any kind of dance or party. Hit songs from seven decades, those great tunes that get a crowd moving, are present at each and every event. Current popular hits and easy dinnertime songs are at-hand too! Themes and special occasion music can be arranged for as well. The DeeJay will work in accordance with the wishes of the participants and program the music to get things rolling. He can present an interactive personality or, if you wish, take on a less verbal role. Group participation music that is sure to win the audience's favor is also available at every engagement.

Our aim is to satisfy your wishes. We will follow your instructions regarding the music and the program of events and take audience song requests with the goal of a successful event firmly in mind. With on-time performances every time, dependability is our pledge. We keep regular office hours and are at the ready to answer questions, give advice, and attend to your needs in advance of your event.

SuperMusic's fees are very competitive and vary depending on a number of factors including engagement length, time of day, day of the week, season of the year, and advance purchase. There are some extra cost options including premium sound systems, lighting packages, novelty give-aways for enhancing a party, as well as Karaoke. Our fees range from $359 to $999. Call the Capital Entertainment office for an exact quote for your particular date, hours, and location.

Given the level of service provided versus our competition you reap an outstanding value. Unlike most of our competition who rely on subcontracting-out the DeeJay services to independent operators, SuperMusic maintains a consistent quality level of equipment, repertoire and staff. All our deejays are affiliates, so the SuperMusic management has authority to execute client instructions and does not have to deal with the independence or the ego of a contracted deejay. You also are free of all the risks associated with hiring a sole-proprietor DJ.

And, with the SuperMusic DeeJays service, you don't have to worry about the deejay canceling out at the last minute since we control our service delivery. The DeeJay will know and understand any instructions and directions that you've given while planning your event. Planning your party will be less stressful and the event itself will be more successful as a result.

Services and Products

Music is our full-time business. You can expect SuperMusic to perform well-known popular music. Your guests will respond favorably when they can identify with the music. The music is chosen in real-time providing a level of spontaneity that energizes parties. We have an open song request policy (unless you specify otherwise) that allows the partygoers to express their wishes and enables the DJ to fine-tune his delivery for best audience participation.

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Standard SuperMusic DeeJay Service

We use self-contained professional DJ equipment; delivered, set-up, broken-down and promptly removed by our staff. You'll have a deejay who is attired properly and arrives prepared to work the party with an on-hand repertoire of thousands of songs that were selected for their vitality when played at a party. This music library is multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-tempo, multi-style, and multi-era. He will play within the bounds of any instructions that you made in advance of the event and will seek out your partygoers' music interests. The music selection is always appropriate in respect to the function.

Lighting Effects

SuperMusic offers two separate lighting packages that can add another dimension to a party. A light show can literally perform magic when deployed at a event. The lights are impressive and of commercial-grade quality; the kind you'd see installed in a niteclub. Our STANDARD package includes two effects that produce frequencing light colors and multiple white light beams. The DELUXE package is a cavalcade of effects that, when deployed, create a party atmosphere that is unmatched. Multi-colored, multi-frequences and multi-dimensional.



Karaoke & DJ Package

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SuperMusic Karaoke sing-alongs are a great group party experience for even the smallest gathering. Add our Karaoke service (at a small additional fee) and we'll bring the Karaoke gear and repertoire along so your guests can show their vocal talent (or lack of talent, and let everyone else belly-laugh!). Karaoke is great for team-building and for creating group cohesion with friends old and new.

We can Karaoke all night, or do sessions as per audience demand. We can play deejay music during dinner and follow with a roaring good time with the SuperMusic Karaoke sing-along. It's your call.

Capital Entertainment

703-836-9390 301-656-0850

Outside DC Metro area: 1-800-676-1999

The question everyone asks:

What kind of music do you have?

SuperMusic DeeJays is appropriately named SUPER MUSIC...In fact, the repertoire is a professional one that is both deep (70+ years) and wide (multiple genres).

The music is not a private CD collection or one person's taste of what is good music. Instead, the SuperMusic repertoire has been designed by the company with dancing & party participation in mind.

The songs are of the hit variety. It is essential for the DeeJay to play tunes that are a part of the culture, and ones that people will recognize and identify with, inorder to satisfy audiences.

Our repertoire listing is updated twice annually and it is big. You'll see thousands of songs, with titles and artists that you know, that span generations and cultures. It is not just a sample of what music your deejay "may have" at your party (like many other DJ outfits), but exact selections that will be available for the deejay to utilize at your event in the effort to yield great participation.